Missions Team


Do you love service? Are you passionate about God’s mission to the world? Do you love to create opportunities for education and engagement that transform worldviews? If yes, then this is the team for you!

Convener: Jo Stott

Email: jostott1@gmail.com

The Missions Committee of NCBC exists to empower Nobles Chapel to engage in God’s Mission in the world by providing opportunities for education, service, and intentional partnerships.

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Aaron and Grace Ogburn

Nobles Chapel is proud to support Aaron and Grace Ogburn, who are serving in Milan, Italy with Pioneer Bible Translators. Grace and Aaron are serving in Northern Italy using their individual gifts to help provide enduring access to God’s life-transforming Word.

Aaron serves refugee and asylum-seeking peoples who have come to Italy from across the African continent. He cultivates opportunities for Scripture engagement by connecting with those who do not have the complete Bible in their language, while exploring potential for Bible translation projects. 

Grace is an assistant to the Africa Area team, which works to support existing Bible translation projects in many ways, including consultant checking, desktop publishing and training workshops. This team’s work accelerates the process of getting Scripture into the heart languages of Bibleless people groups. 

Local Missions

Family Food Basket


The Family Food Basket is more than a Non-Profit. We are a ministry dedicated to spreading God’s love and helping God’s children in need. We are an open door, a helping hand, and a compassionate heart. The Family Food Basket could not help those in need without the generous food and monetary donations of supporting churches in the area; because of these amazing churches and their members’ unselfish donations, those in our community can receive aid with food, help with the last $75.00 of Duke electricity bills, and medication expenses. The joint mission of the Family Food Basket Ministry, participating churches, and social service programs allow those in need to get the help necessary to live healthy and happy lives without depleting resources in the community. Although finding additional assistance through the Department of Social Services and Churches is the responsibility of the family and in no way is guaranteed due to funding, availability, and participation, the Family Food Basket can help guide families in this process. We are currently compiling data bases of participating churches in the area, Food Banks outside our area, and list of important contact information for programs such as DSS and so on. The Family Food Basket Ministry screens all families that come to us for help to access need.

The Childhood Hunger Elimination of Wilson


"Am I going to get some food to take home again this weekend?" This question was posed to one of our elementary student interventionist specialist over and over again in the spring of 2012 when CHEW first began its weekend feeding program. Anxious, chronically hungry children seeking reassurance each time they saw her at school.

The Children's Hunger Elimination of Wilson, Inc. (CHEW) is a 501(c)(3) all-volunteer nonprofit that receives no federal funding. We are deeply committed to seeing that no child in Wilson County is prevented from learning, growing, and developing his or her potential because of hunger.

Since the spring of 2012 we have been providing weekend bags of food during the school year for all of the chronically hungry students our school personnel identify for us in the Wilson County Public School System, our charter schools, and at the Eastern North Carolina School for the Deaf.